My band Hipster Slayer performing the song ‘In Space’ LIVE at Fäboda, Jakobstad. One of my most epical musical experiences so far. Playing there was… it is hard to describe.

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Summer/ Songwriting/ Recording/ USA


-It’s been awhile, so I got some things to catch up on. A few weeks ago I participated in the Three of a Perfect Pair Camp in Big Indian, New York. First I spent a week in Manhattan with my friend. It was a great week, doing nothing, just walking around, eating, drinking, running in the Central Park. I really enjoyed that. From New York I took the bus to the music camp in Big Indian, near Woodstock. I went to the same camp back in 2011, that’s where I first met Pat Mastelotto. 

The camp this year was even better than last time. I will keep it short and just say that it was a great experience. I learned new things, I got inspired and I got new friends. Leaders of the camp was Pat Mastelotto, Tony Levin and Adrian Belew and their friends Markus Reuter, Tobias Ralph and Julie Slick. Great people. 

This trip ended with Crimson Projekct performing at Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock. Thanks to everyone involved!

-This summer I’ve been busy writing and producing a lot of music with people from Sugar House Publishing. I’m really enjoying working with that. It’s a great contrast with the other music I’m doing. I like having a lot of different projects as long as I can keep the pace and enjoy everything. 

-Last week we filmed/recorded a Live Video on the rocks at Fäboda beach in Jakobstad. That was an epic experience. Coming out soon. 

Stay tuned!

Peter Gabriel, Helsinki

Last week I saw Peter Gabriel in Helsinki. He and the super band performed at a full house at Hartwall Arena. It’s hard for me to describe the experience. I wish I could explain how much I liked it but I can’t. It’s the best concert I have been to. The bass player Tony Levin had arranged so me and my friend Jonas could go backstage. Tony is the best bass player in the world and such a good guy! thanks Tony! I’m looking forward to seeing Tony again at the Three of a perfect pair camp in Big Indian, New York, USA in August.

I also had the chance to see God himself, Peter Gabriel. He said that he thinks he has seen me before. I don’t know what he meant by that but it feels pretty cool. Technically God has seen me.

Tony Levin

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Last few weeks I’ve been sitting in the studio working on all kinds of projects, mixing, producing and writing songs. I’ve found a routine that works well for me, I hope the routine is sustainable. Being a musician is very hard work. But I’m motivated,  I have passion and I won’t give up just because it’s not financially a “safe” choice of work. I know I can do what I’m doing. I have the tools and I will find ways to use them.

Enough small talk 🙂

We are hot with Opus Symbiosis again. When we started the band back in 2003 we always rehearsed on Sundays. That’s what we are doing again, it’s somewhat legendary. Every Sunday we gather, rehearse, jam, write songs and try out new ideas. We are working on songs for A NEW ALBUM. Great stuff going on. The songs will be more relaxed and more Live-friendly than our latest EP. Big thanks to Kulturfonden for giving us the opportunity to make this album.



It’s a site about vintage guitar synthesizers. My song is linked at the site. That’s nice! 🙂

Music Video contest

I’m happy they wanted our new Opus Symbiosis music video in this contest called “Musikvideotoppen”. You can vote from tonight. Here is the link to the contest site: