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polyrhythmic guitar stuff

A video where I’m trying out a new song with Arne.

I never thought I’d ever say “yes” to a wedding gig. But this time I get to play bass with really nice people and some really great songs. So I said “yes”.  Had the first rehearsal today, it was fun and it sounded great. I really love playing the bass.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out some guitar parts with Arne Braun. He will be playing guitar with me and Mastelotto in October.

Liqueur feat. Pat Mastelotto

A while back ago I asked Pat Mastelotto if he’d like to play some electronic drums and perc on one of the Opus Symbiosis songs. He answered yes. I sent the track over and he recorded his stuff. Check it out!

Here is a picture from the stage at Parkrock with Hipster Slayer

Hipster Slayer @ Parkrock, Jakobstad

I had my best gig so far last night with my band Hipster Slayer. It was so fun to play, I enjoyed it a lot. It was crowded, I saw many friends in the audience. Thanks for showing up! Our mixer did a great job.  All the members in the band had a really good time on stage. I was very nervous the hours before the gig but when I got on stage I just got excited and I gave everything I had. That’s what playing music is all about. Enjoying what you do.




Welcome to my site. I’m still working on this site but now you can at least find some stuff to look at and some stuff to listen to. Feel free to check out my music in the “music” section.

While you are here I’m going to tell you a little about what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been busy working with music. I’ve been brainstorming for 2 short films I’m composing the music for. I’ve been recording with my band Hipster Slayer. My band Opus Symbiosis is soon ready wit a new EP, I’ve been putting a lot of time on that this summer. We are also shooting a music video for a song on that EP. One thing that has been very exciting is that I have written songs and sending them over to Pat Mastelotto who I will perform with in October. I’m looking forward to play my own songs and King Crimson tunes with one of the best drummers in the world.


Hipster Slayer – Young (studio Live)

This is my band Hipster Slayer performing Live in the studio. We recorded this live and a small film team shot and edited the video. Tim Granbacka has written the song and lyrics. We have arranged it together. I have mixed this recording myself. Check it out!!