New release in Japan

It has been quite awhile since I updated this. I have been to busy working with music. I got a lot going on and I have had some exciting cuts in Japan. In June I had co-written a song with the Japanese artist Sayaka Shionoya which released it as an A-side single. Very proud of that one. In July the Japanese band Hey! Say! JUMP released their album which went straight up to #1 in the WORLD and I co-wrote and produced a song on that album.

Lately I have also been working a lot on writing for the new Opus Symbiosis album. It is tricky but fun. It will be a concept album of 70 minutes of proggish music.

TOUR in GERMANY/CZECH REPUBLIC w Hipster Slayer and Marco Machera

Last week I got back to Finland from a long tour with Hipster Slayer. The tour took place in Germany and Czech Republic. It was so much fun. I got to see many places. I got to experience both good and bad food. I had only good beer. I got to play for a new audience. It is so nice to see some random folks in the audience moving their body to the music and digging it and smiling. One of the best things with this tour was traveling with 7 great people. We had so much fun together on the road.  7 Finnish(ed) guys and 1 Italian Stallion.

It was a lot of work organizing this tour. I must say that I am kind of proud of myself. It is A LOT of stuff to think of. Finding venues, flights, planning routes, rent a tour van that is big enough, rent gear and back line, hotels, promotion and also a very important thing is having a budget and keeping the budget.   I think we all learned a lot from this tour in so many ways. I think everyone developed as traveling musicians and also as human beings. For example, now I know that dumplings taste like.. nothing. Czech beer is so good! Czech food is not so good..

Thank you Mats, Toni, Joel, Tim, Fritjof, Tangen and Marco!

Read our tour blog here(starting with day 1) :

Hipster Slayer tour blog

2015 – Tour in Germany and Czech Republic


It has been a long time since I made an updated here. Well, here we go.

-In February I was invited to the Magnuficient Camp in Stockholm. I spent one week there writing songs with the elite. I am so happy that I got invited and got to work with such inspiring people. I got to meet both new and old songwriting friends. Good times!

– In March I played two gigs and and went in the studio with the slovakian guitarist David Kollar. Our band is called KSN (Kollar , Sågfors & Nordlund ). We´ll play in Europe in 2016.

– We are planning a tour in Germany and Czech Republic in August with Hipster Slayer. We have already booked several shows and more are coming. Looking very much forward to it! So, come on down and watch us kick som ass on the stage in das Germany und Czech Republic!

Pictures from Japan


In November I was in Tokyo as a member of Sugar House Publishing writing and producing. I had a really good time. Also had time to test some exotic food. Here in the picture you can see me learning to eat with chopsticks. With me I have Manaka Suzuk,i a great successful songwriter in Japan and Hide Nakamura, the boss of Soundgraphics. Great people!

Here we have Janne Hyöty working on a song.

Didn´t have much time to be a tourist because it was a busy week writing music. But I got to see some bits of the Shibuya nightlife.

David Kollar in Finland

A few months ago the Slovakian guitarist and film music composer David Kollar made contact with me. We started planning some gigs in Finland. For you who don´t know who David Kollar is, go check him out.

This is what Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson said about him:

“David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, Played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects he attains a one-of-a-kind sound. I know critics often like to put music into categories but with David’s music that’s very difficult to do. ”

If you´d like to see him Live in Finland you should be ready to book in som dates in your schedule now.

March 19th  Workshop , Campus Allegro, Jakobstad.
March 19th (same night), Thursday Jazz, O´learys Jakobstad
March 20th  Doo Bop Club, Vaasa
March 21th  TBA

I will be playing David Kollar and on drums we will have Toni Nordlund. It is going to be epic and fun. Looking forward to it!

Many irons in the fire

This is a little update what´s going on right now with my bands and projects:

– We are writing some really cool songs with Opus Symbiosis for the upcoming album.
– We are planning a Germany/EU tour next summer with Hipster Slayer.
– I am planning a mini tour in Finland with the Slovakian guitarist David Kollar. In March.
– I am planning to make a solo album.


I was one week in Tokyo in the beginning of November. It was a great trip. A busy week of songwriting and producing. I went there with Janne Hyöty. A great experience, my first time in Japan. I worked with a lot of great songwriters. I met lovely people with natural kindness in there personalities. So polite and friendly people. I wish to go to Tokyo again. We stayed at a studio in Yakumo, Setagaya-ku.

In the picture you can see the studio and that is also where we lived.

The weather was awesome!